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In Today’s article, we will discuss about How to install and set up QuickBooks Mac Desktop. Today, QuickBooks is backbone of accounting software because it is one of the best accounting software in the world and its market share is increasing day by day.

First of all, you have to Download accounting software from intuit website and then go to the QuickBooks Support Site and select you Mac version or If you purchase QuickBooks Software CD from a retailer then you can use CD installer.

After that, go to the location where QuickBooks software was saved when you downloaded on your PC, and
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then double-click the QB executable file to run the installation process.
After that, click Yes to All if How do I update my data to a new version of Quickbooks Desktop and prompted to overwrite the existing extracted files.
After that, Click Next to start the installation.
After that, Read the Software License Agreement. If you agree, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
After that, Enter your License and Product numbers and click Next.
After that, Select the type of installation for the computer.
QuickBooks for Mac: In today’s article, we will discuss about configuration and system required to QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software in the world because it is easy to use and this software is basically designed for small scale and medium scale business through which they can easily calculate his profit and loss, create payroll, place new product order to the vendor etc.

System requirements for QuickBooks for Mac
QuickBooks for Mac 2016 R5 or earlier- MacOS 10.10.2(Yosemite), MacOS 10.11(EI Caption).
QuickBooks for Mac 2016 R6 and later- MacOS 10.11(EL Caption), and MacOS
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Mac processor should be Intel Core 2 Duo or higher.
For Multi-user server, your Mac processor should be Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor to run a server.
Mac Ram should be 2GB RAM(4 GB RAM recommended).
250MB of disk space should be available in Mac.
For Printer: 100% Macintosh-compatible printer, if you plan to print invoices, checks, deposit slips, purchase orders, mailing labels, reports or graphs.
For Checks: use intuit checks if you intended to print checks. Canadian Image prepared cheques are not supported.
Product registration required.
Resolve data damage to your QuickBooks Mac Desktop Company File
Data damage is one of the major problem with any software like as QuickBooks or any other software. It is necessary to resolve such data error in order to continue other important work.

Possible Scenarios for data damage in QuickBooks Mac Desktop company file
Error message when working in QuickBooks.
QuickBooks Company file is working so much slow.
Unable to convert the QuickBooks company file.
Amounts on the Balance Sheet don’t match amounts on the specialty reports.
QuickBooks Delete memorized reports still show on the
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Unable to edit or save a Names are missing from the lists or unable scroll past a certain point in a list.
Quickbooks provides an easy way to convert a QuickBooks file from mac to windows as well as Windows to Mac. This process is known as round-tripping. Round-tripping means your QuickBooks file will go from your mac for your Windows Pc. Then back again to your Mac.

Converting a QuickBooks file from mac to windows:-
STEP 1: Open your data file in QuickBooks 2012 for Mac, choose File –> Backup to QuickBooks for Windows. Choose a name and location for the file and then click save.

STEP 2: On the apply password window, enter a password for the file. You will need this password to open the fi
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le in QuickBooks for Windows. If you do not want to password for protect the file, leave the field blank and click ok. Converting a QuickBooks file from mac to window.

Note:- After the backup file is created, you can click show file in the folder to locate the .qbb file on your computer.

Quickbooks also creates an instructional PDF file in the same location with the same name as your file.

STEP 3: Send both the .qbb file and the instructional PDF file to the windows user by a CD, USB drive, or Upload it your disk.

STEP 4: In QuickBooks 2012 for windows. Choose File –> Open or Restore company and follow the onscreen prompts to restore a backup copy. When asked to update the file, mark the checkbox and click update now.

STEP 5: Review the file and make any necessary changes.

STEP 6: To send the file back for use on a mac, follow the instructions on the other side of this card