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1 Download, Installation and Activation Microsoft Office, you must need valid 25 character alph-anumeric product key code & visit
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Part B: write-up discussing specific strategies / tactics used by Nehemiah to accomplish his goals

Part C: Lessons learned = write-up discussing how today's organizational leaders can integrate the lessons learned from Nehemiah into their day-to-day operations.
You will complete 2 Case Assignments from Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. You will answer the questions at the end of the case in 4–5 pages (double spaced), not including the title or reference pages. The Case Assignments must be written in current APA format. In addition to the Ferrell textbook, utilize outside sources on the case questions. All sources must be of a scholarly nature; the sources must be either textbooks or journal articles from peer-reviewed journals. At least 5 references are required in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. As this is a paper t
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hat requires research, it must be written in third person.
Madison Corporation is authorized to issue $830,000 of 6-year bonds dated June 30, 2016, with a stated rate of interest of 11%. Interest on the bonds is payable semiannually, and the bonds are sold on June 30, 2016.


Determine the proceeds that the company will receive if it sells the following: (round your answers to two decimal places, if necessary.)
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